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TitleBus Drivers
Posting ID2906

Full Time and Part Time Bus Drivers.

Will Train.

Oklahoma Class B CDL with P & S Endorsements. Must have a State Department of Transportation Bus Driving certificate.  Job requires good driving record, periodic drug testing and annual physical.  Superintendent may approve appropriate and acceptable alternatives to the listed qualifications.


CONTRACT:  Days School In Session

WORKING HOURS: 4-8 hours


REPORTS TO:  Transportation Manager

EVALUATED BY:  Transportation Manager

SUPERVISES:  Does not supervise



  1. Perform daily pre-trip inspection of vehicle.
  2. Report any suspected maintenance problems to supervisor.
  3. Display proper bus route signs as needed.
  4. Report all vehicle damages or vandalism to supervisor.
  5. Complete student count as scheduled.
  6. Drive the assigned bus route.
  7. Check bus passes.
  8. Utilize all 15 step safety procedures in driving, loading, unloading and parking the assigned vehicle.
  9. Understand and operate the on board two-way radio unit.
  10. Maintain an orderly bus.  Follow appropriate school policies and procedures.
  11. After each shift or trip assigned verify that all students have exited the bus.
  12. After each shift or trip assigned sweep out vehicle and empty trash container.
  13. Properly park vehicle in assigned slot.
  14. Replace key on keyboard.
  15. Be familiar with Driver manual and State School Bus Driver manual.
  16. Performs other duties as assigned.
Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangeGrade: O / Per Hour
LocationPlant Services

Applications Accepted

Start Date05/08/2018

Job Contact

NameOrville BurksTitleTransportation Manager